Settings when QMetry App & DB are on different servers.

What settings needs to be done when QMetry Application & DB are on different servers.

1.  In Directory ../home/qmetryuser/QMetry/

In "" file make below changes - Server IP

Example -

2. In Directory ../QMetry/Webapps/qmetry/WEB-INF/Classes/Config 

In applicationContext.jdbc.xml file make below changes - 

jdbcurl value = "jdbc:mysql://"

3. In Directory ../QMetry/Webapps/qmetry/WEB-INF/Classes

In file make below changes -
Changed -> jdbcurl value = "jdbc:mysql://"

4. Below pings should be successful. (Replace values with your Hots IP)
From Application server - Ping 

From Application server - nc -vn 3306 


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