JSON File As Data Provider

Use json file as data provider, you have to create json file in resources folder.Below is the example of json data file for login scenario.

	{ "Username" : "admin" , "admin":"123abc123" , "isvalid":"false" },
	{ "Username" : "Admin" , "Admin":"test" , "isvalid":"false" },
	{ "Username" : "admin" , "admin@123":"Chirag2193" , "isvalid":"true" }

Following is the test where JSON data provider used to provide set of data.The testcase is executed 3 times as there are 3 set of data in data file.@QAFDataProvider contain dataFile which contain path of json file.

    	@QAFDataProvider(dataFile = "resources/logindata.json")
	@Test(description = "json file as data provider ")
	public void login(Map <String, String> data) {
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