Insert Locator using locator repository editor

There are four ways to insert locator in locator repository file using locator repository editor.

  1. Insert locator using 
  2. Insert locator using 
  3. Insert locator using 
  4. Use ctrl + mouse click

Insert locator using  

At the top of locator repository you can show .This icon is used to insert row at the end.The blank row is added so you have to write manually key,locator and decription about locator at appropriate can use anyone of locator strategy like css,xpath,id,name etc.

Insert locator using 

In object spy, you can find  at bottom.These icon is used to add specific locator in locator repository.Press ctrl and mouse over action on any element of object spy so you get suggestion of can select any one of them and click on .Now, you can show that locator are added.

Insert locator using 

In object spy, you can find  at bottom.This icon is used to add all locator of current web page of object spy.Open any webpage and click on .So all locator of webpage are added to locator repository.

Insert locator using ctrl key and mouse click

In object spy, press ctrl key and click on any element so locator will be added to locator repository.Use ctrl + shift that gives you locator suggestions.  

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