Working with object spy

The Object Spy provides browser view for finding/validating element locators.It also provides Dom Source Tree in conjunction with Dom Source View.

The editor includes the following features:

  • Hover/Mouse over elements with ctrl pressed and get element locator suggestions
  • Use Ctrl + Shift to get element locator suggestions.
  • See element in Dom source tree view.
  • ctrl pressed and click on element to add locator in locator repository.
  • Add all locator to locator repository file.
  • Get different browser view.

Get element locator suggestions

Press ctrl and mouse over on any you get locator can navigate suggestion by using ctrl + shift key.


Add Locators to locator repository file(*.loc)

Click here to know how to add locator in locator repository using object spy.

Dom source tree view

You can find element by using Dom Source Tree View.
Click on tag in Dom Source Tree View so related Element in object spy will be highlighted.


Different Browser View

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