Behavior Driven Editor (BDD Editor)

        BDD facilitate to write automated acceptance tests written in a behavior-driven approach(BDD) style and managed by both business interests and technical insight. It contains one or more Scenarios with optional documentation. It support conventional GIVEN-WHEN-THEN format like User Story.

Behavior Driven Editor (BDD Editor)

BDD editor provides specialized features for editing BDD (behavior driven test) test suite.
Associated with the editor is, BDD-specific Outline view, which shows the scenarios in active file. It is updated as the user edits the BDD file.

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Content/code assist (ctrl + space)
  • Code formatting
  • Jump to step declaration (F3)
  • Error highlighting

The most common way to invoke the BDD editor is to open a .bdd file from the Navigator / Package Explorer using pop-up menus or by clicking the file (single or double-click depending on the user preferences). 

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