What are the features provided by Qmetry Automation Framework?

  • Extended WebDriver
    •     Provides extended webelemets
    •     Listeners
    •     Reporting
  • Extended WebElement
    •     Self descriptive locator
    •     Inbuilt wait, verify and assert methods
    •     Listener support
    •     Can be extended for Application specific custom component/elements
    •     Lazy loaded webelements
    •     Auto wait for Ajax – Dynamic elements
  • Descriptive report
  • Easy configurable test run
  • Enabling testing across multiple platforms with or without selenium grid
  • Test Results integration with test management tools
  • Integration with continuous integration/build automation systems.
  • Locale support
  • Flexible data provider for data driven tests
  • Auto retry analyzer for failing tests
  • Descriptive report
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