Locator repository editor

Locator Repository editor provides below functionality. For use this functionality you have to create locator repository file. Click here to create locator repository file and use below functionality.

  • Insert locator
  • Delete locator
  • Filter locator
  • Validate locator

Insert Locator

To insert a new locator, click on  and add the locator.
There are three columns in a row:

  • key: give a standard name to the locator.
  • locator: put the locator value in this field, either xpath, css, id, name etc.
  • desc: give the description of the locator.

How to insert locator in Locator Repository ?

Click here to know, how to add locator in locator repository.

After adding a locator, the file will look like:

Delete a locator

To delete any locator, select the locator row and click on  icon at the top right corner. The row will be deleted from the file. You can delete one or many locator rows with one click.To delete multiple rows, select them all and click on delete icon. All the selected rows would be deleted form the file. For more details, click here .

Filter a Locator

You can filter locator in locator repository file.Filter operation can be performed on available locator in locator repository. For more details, click here.

Validate Locator with Object Spy

All the locators defined in the file can be validated on the web page opened in object spy.Click here to get details about validate locator in locator repository editor using object spy.


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