Project QMetry Automation Studio Preference

QMetry Automation Studio provides you two types of preference.

  • Project QMetry Automation Studio Preference
    Project QMetry Automation Studio Preference helps to configuration parameter for project specific which is helpful for run test case.Project configuration can be set by Project Menu.First you have to select your project and go to Project > Properties and select QMetry Automation Studio tab.

    You can set configuration parameter and AUT specific group using this wizard.

    • Run Configuration Parameter
      In Run Configuration Parameter you have already Browser parameter which has multiple value. Multiple values can be given by using comma(,). The value which is given here are available in Run configuration Wizard. you can add/remove parameter by using Add and Remove button.

  • Add/Remove Group

    • User can add/remove AUT Specific group.The groups which are available in AUT Specific Group will be displayed in Add Scenario wizard.
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