Directory Structure

QMetry Automation Studio Project Directory structure:

Once QMetry Automation Studio project is created, you will see below directory structure and necessary files. Purpose of each directory is mentioned below.

  • The bin directory contains compiled classes, and is a volatile directory that is deleted by the target cleanin build.xmlfile.
  • The config directory contains testng.xml file, and is a place holder for configuration files.
  • The lib directory contains required jar files, and is a place holder for other library jars/zips.
  • The resources directory contains all required resources including properties files and data files, and is a place holder for other resources.
  • The scenarios directory is the default place holder for all the iat and iabscenario files.
  • The scripts directory contains ant script to build and run automation. It also contains bat file for windows environment.
  • The src directory contains all java files and is a place holder for other java files.
  • The test-results directory contains result files.  
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