QMetry Automation Studio Overview

QMetry Automation Studio

QMetry Automation Studio is Powerful Automation Platform for Test Authoring, Test Execution and Execution Analysis QMetry Automation Studio is a dedicated IDE for QA Engineers - both Manual and Automation Engineers. It provides a powerful and versatile platform to author Test Cases in Behavior Driven, Keyword Driven or Code Driven approach. It helps to significantly reduce costs involved in setting up Test Automation at any organization. It is a right tool for Web Platform, Mobile Platform (Native, Mobile Web, HTML5,etc) and Web Service test automation solution using Selenium and other related technologies. QMetry Automation Studio benefits any QA Team in developing highly maintainable and repeatable tests that utilize reusable test assets, proper modularity and semantic structure. Descriptive Reporting satisfies high-level as well as low-level (debugging) aspects. QMetry Automation Studio supports integrations with Test Management Platform (QMetry, HP ALM, etc), Continuous Integration Systems (Jenkins, Teamcity, Bamboo, etc), Mobile Device Cloud Solutions (Sauce labs, Synchro, Perfecto Mobile, etc).

QMetry Automation Key Features:

    • Project Setup :
      • Wizard Driven Project and Scenario Creation
      • Object Spy and Object Repository Validation right with in IDE 
    • Test Authoring :
      • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
      • Keyword Driven Development (KWD)
      • Code Driven 
    • Test Data Management :
      • Test Data Support (CSV, JSON, XML etc)
      • Multi Property Editor (Different Locales Different Environments, etc) 
    • Execution Reporting :
      • Execution Dashboard
      • Detailed Analysis and Screenshot Capturing
    • Integrations with Test Management Tools, etc 
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