Causes : QMetry logs out automatially

Below are the reasons QMetry logs out user automatically :

  1. Inactive for certain time period : If user is Inactive for certain amount of time, the session gets timed out and user gets logged out of QMetry. This number of hours/minutes after which the session gets expired is specified by admin under Admin > General Settings > Session time out.
  2. User has logged from more than one browser : If user has logged in QMetry from more than one browser all sessions will get expired except the latest session.
  3. The credentials are being used in automation : If the credentials are also being used in automation testing or by any use of API's, the other sessions will get expired.
  4. Another user logged in with same credentials : If another user logs in with same credentials on different machine the previous session gets expired and user gets logged out of QMetry. Ideally the credentials should not be shared. 
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