How to Search/Delete Test Scenarios?


You can search for test scenarios in JIRA. “Test Scenario” is one of the issue types in JIRA, hence, you can use the same method that you apply to search for other issues.

Steps to search Test Scenarios

  1. On the top navigation bar, click the Issues drop-down menu and select Search for Issues (Issues > Search for Issues).
  2. The Search screen opens with the list of issues on it.
  3. You can apply different search criteria to search issues and filter the records.
  4. To search test scenarios created in JIRA, select “Test Scenario” for the Type criterion.
  5. All the issues of type test scenario are displayed on the screen.

Steps to delete a Test Scenario

  1. Once you filter records for test scenarios as described above, click the action icon at the extreme right for the particular test scenario you want to delete.
  2. Select the Delete option for the test scenario.


An alternate way is -

  1. Just open the test scenario details page, click the More button.
  2. Select Delete on the option menu.

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