Top Reports of Test suite module

Reports on test suite module:

There are 3 reports available on test suite module window.

  1. Coverage status
  2. Platform report
  3. Build report


  1. Coverage report:
    1. This report shows how many test cases are executed or covered.
    2. By filtering the test status column on the report user can know overall coverage of the test suites.
    3. This report is also shows on the test case, platform level, test suite, test step levels.
    4. On selecting those levels user can able to adjust the report view how they want to see.
  2. Platform report:
    1. Platform reports gives the view of report by the list of platforms.
    2. Platform wise report helps to identify the execution well.
  3. Build report:
    1. If the execution of test suite done on “Builds” then to see the reports for each build user can use this report.
    2. Build report gives the view for test case, test suite and platform level.
    3. The view can be adjustable on how user want to see or observe report.




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