How can I use Top defect report?

The report shows the top defects affecting the most test scenarios created over a period of time, Sprint or Version for a project. You can refine the chart by sprint, version, component and label.

A. Time Scale

You can generate the report for different time scale:

(a) Time frame

Time frame
The report is generated on calculation of the data that existed during –
Past Week past week from the current date
Past 2 Weeks past two weeks from the current date
Past Month past month from the current date
Past 3 Months past three months from the current date
Past 6 Months past six months from the current date
  • Custom: Use the calendar to select “From” and “To” dates to define the time to consider the data. The "Custom Dates" is enabled as soon as you select the Custom Time frame.

(b) Custom Dates: Use calendar to select the "From" and "To" dates.

B. Refine Report

You can filter the report on the following parameters:

  • Sprint
  • Version
  • Label
  • Component


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