How to save views on Testsuite Execution & see saved views.

Use case: After altering the view like by hiding and un-hiding the columns on the grid a user can save his preferred view which he wants to see daily.


As shown in screenshot, after altering the default view user can avail the following options to deal with the custom view.

  1. Save Current View as: After the customization of grid clicking on this option it gives a field to give the name if view and save. Put the name of view and click on “Save” icon on the field itself.
  2. Saved Views: After saving the view, the view will be available in this option. This can be a multiple view. You can select the views which ever you want depend upon the need.
  3. Manage vies: This option allows user to manage these saved view, this includes visibility setting and deleting the view. User can set the visibility of the view as private.
  4. Restore to default: This option reset the view to the default of QMetry.


Please see below screenshot for your response.


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