How Issue Sync between QMetry and JIRA?

JIRA Requirements (Story/Use Cases/New Features/Improvement) imported as QMetry Requirements/Test Cases

  • This is achieved using Filters. Filters are achieved in two ways :
    • Filters which use JIRA Webhooks
    • Filters which use Scheduler (a.k.a Cron Job)
  • If JIRA version (above JIRA 6.1) supports Webhooks and the settings are switched On. QMetry automatically creates filters using Webhooks. All JIRA issues that are imported using Webhook SYNC Immediately
  • If JIRA version does not supports Webhooks. QMetry filters are synced using Scheduler. All JIRA issues that are imported using Scheduler Crons are synced based on the time Interval that was set while creating the filter. This logic is used for other issue trackers since they do not support webhooks.

JIRA Defects/Bugs raised from Testsuite Execution Screen.

  • There are NO Filters created during this process, because BUGS are not pre-planned (like requirements) and are reported during testing. Since Filters are not created, Webhooks do not come into picture. Which means immediate syncing is not done.
  • When Bugs are created from QMetry to JIRA. QMetry uses JIRA API's to create them immediately.
  • When Bugs are updated in JIRA, the auto syncing happens every 15 mins. This is achieved using INTERNAL Scheduler Cron which runs every 15 mins. Every 1 hour it executes 4 times say 10 AM, 10:15 AM, 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM.
  • Why the Cron Interval is set to 15 mins (why not less than 15 or user defined) ? Is there a way to sync it immediately?
    • Every Cron that executes sends a request calls to JIRA servers to sync "every bug" for updates. Frequent requests on the JIRA servers add loads on it.
    • On SaaS servers this cron executes for ALL the customers and take 5-10 mins to complete. Until the current cron is complete, the other one is on hold.
    • Currently the least time is 15 mins for sync and cannot be synced immediately.
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