How to copy test case?

There are three scenarios available to copy test case.

Scenario 1 : 

  1. On left side of Test case module turn on "Show Assets" in folder from "Options".
  2. You can see all the test cases in folders.
  3. Click on the test case and right click on that.
  4. Select "Copy".
  5. "Paste" on destination folder.

QMetry creates an exact replica of the test case along with the test case steps. 

Scenario 2 :

  1. Open Test case
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Make desired changes to the test case and Click on Save as New version
  4. Click on Create new Separate Test Case check box
  5. Save

This will create a copy of the test case with only the changes desired- even if it is just an extra space in the description. 

Scenario 3 :

  1. Click on Add button and "Copy Selected Testcase" .
  2. QMetry does not creates an exact replica of the test case.
  3. It copies the data only from the fields that are mapped under Admin > Field and Layout Management > Manage Fields (Test Case Module) > "Manage Field Mapping" section.


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