How to link a "Test Case" to a "Test Suite"?

Link a "Test Case" to a "Test Suite"

  • Create a Test Case like a normal practice.
  • Open the newly created test case.
  • On the top tabular bar you can see a tab called "Link" with small drop arrow.
  • The drop down will give you two options "Test Suites" & "Requirements".
  • Click on "Test Suites" which again gives two options "From Grid" and "By ID".

"From Grid" -

  • This option will open a new window in which all the test suites are visible in a Grid form for linking.
  • You can select to which test suite the selected test case should get linked.
  • There is also an option to search the test suite from the grid.
  • In the same window a small window at the bottom shows already linked test suites for that particular Test Case.

"By ID" -

  • If you already know the ID of the test suite to which you want to link a test case then you can provide the ID and get linked.

Please see the below screenshot for crystal clear understanding.





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