How to import JIRA issues into QMetry?

To import JIRA issues into QMetry, follow below steps:

  1. You need to integrate your QMetry instance with your JIRA for that, Please refer this guide.
  2. After successful integration, go to the issue module.
  3. Click on Import > Import from tracker and then select the JIRA whose issues you want to import.
  4. You will get popup to map any user defined fields (UDFs). If you want to map UDFs then click yes else no.
  5. You need to set filter for JIRA, which issues you want to import. You can filter via Search, Issue Key Search & JQL Search.
  6. You need to save filter. For that, you need to set sync frequency, filter name and Filter's expiry(Optional).
  7. You will find your filter in Integration filter. Please see below screenshot for details.
  8. You will find your integration filter, you can force sync/stop sync it. Also you have options to delete and inactive it.


Please reach out to QMetry support if you require any help.





















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