How to change/select scope efficiently?


1. Using Change Button

The Change button just beside the breadcrumbs allows users to change the selected scope of Domain, Release and Cycle. To change the scope, you need to select a different Cycle on the same or different Domain/Release.

Scope Change

When users click on the Change button to change the scope; the Select Scope screen displays only current scope in the expanded mode on the tree. The tree is expanded in accordance with the scope (Domain – Release –  Cycle) currently selected as shown below. Other domains/releases remain in collapsed mode.

Scope Change 1

UI of Select Scope screen and changing the scope through the screen:

Scope Change 3

A. Click the button to select the level you want to drill down up to on the tree.

  • Clicking on the Domain button collapses the tree and displays only Domains on the tree. It helps to users select a Cycle from a large list of Domains.
  • Clicking on the Release button only displays the tree expanded upto Releases under the Domains.
  • Clicking on the Cycle button expands the entire tree.

B. Displays the scope selected on the tree.

C. Click to expand the Domain and view the Releases under it.

D. Click to expand the Release and view the Cycles under it.

E. Select the Cycle by clicking on it. As mentioned above, you need to select a different Cycle on the same or different Domain/Release to change the scope.

2. Using Search Box

As an alternate way, you can use the Search Box provided on the Select Scope screen. In case of a long list of domains/releases/cycles, the Search box is provided to filter the records and quickly locate the required Domain or Release or Cycle on the tree.

Scope Change 2

Once you locate your required Cycle on the tree, click the Select Cycle button at the bottom of the screen.

The scope is changed as per your selection of Domain – Release – Cycle on the Select Scope tree. To view the archived domains on the tree, select the Show Archived Domains check box on the Select Scope screen.

3. Using Recently Used Scope drop down Button

Logged-in users can now see their recently visited scopes in QMetry, which helps them switch the scope as and when required. Users can also limit the recent scopes to be displayed by defining the number of recent scopes they want to see under User Profile.


  1. Go to Admin > User Settings > Profile or access your Profile directly from the application header.
  2. Locate the Recent Used Scope field under the User Profile Details section.
  3. You can set the number of scopes to be displayed on the Change drop-down list on the application header. You can view minimum 5 and maximum 20 scopes at a time. The value can also be entered manually in the field.
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