QMetry Requirement / Test Case links in JIRA are broken

Root Cause :

  • In the Admin module >> General Settings there is an option for "Secure Http settings". Since your QMetry instance is on HTTPS these settings are enabled. These new settings were provided as part of Release 6.8.
  • Due to these settings the QMetry Issue Links which are created in JIRA are of two types :
    • QMetry HTTP issue links which were created before the HTTPS settings were switched on. [Bug Scenario]
    • QMetry HTTPS issue links which were created after the HTTPS settings were switched on. [Works Fine]
  • [Bug Scenario] : The QMetry HTTP issue links when opened are blank and do not show any data, since these issue links are not able to connect QMetry servers to fetch the data. These issue links are encrypted therefore if you just add https in the browser url, it should fetch the data with no problem.

Solution :

  • To solve the issue, the following sql needs to be executed on JIRA Database. This script is prepared assuming that JIRA is running on MySQL. If your JIRA is using other DB, you can modify the query accordingly, or reach out to QMetry Support if you need help with the query.
  • Script : UPDATE remotelink SET URL=REPLACE(URL,'http:','https:'), ICONURL=REPLACE(ICONURL,'http:','https:') WHERE APPLICATIONNAME = 'QMetry';
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