How to share UDF/Custom fields over different projects?

You can share UDF/Custom fields over different projects/Domains. In order to share the UDFs from one project to other project please follow below steps:

  1. Login to the scope (Domain : Release : Cycle) where you need the UDF.
  2. Go to Admin Module and click on Manage fields.
  3. Select domain name (from where you want to import the UDF) at left top corner of the ‘Manage Custom Fields’ window. (If you don’t know the domain/Project name, you can select All).
  4. Search the UDF you want to share and click on share icon available in ‘Action’ column, it will open share UDF window.
  5. Check the checkbox for ‘Associated with current domain’ and click on share button. UDF will be added to current domain successfully.


Please Reach  out to QMetry Support if you have any confusion.

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