How to Create Single Lookup List

To create Single Lookup List into QMetry,

Step 1 : Go to 'Admin' module

Step 2 : Click on 'Manage Fields' from 'Field and Layout Management' section and select the Module where you wish to add new Lookup List

Step 3 : Click on 'Add Field' button from 'Manage Custom Field' window, it will pop up for confirmation to create new field

Step 4 : Select 'Lookup List' radio button from 'Add User Defined Field' window and click on 'Next' button

Step 5 : Give 'Field Name','Field Label' and select 'Lookup List' from available Lists under custom Lists. Select default value from available list value if you wish to set default value for this field though this is not mandatory.

Step 6 : If you wish to make this field as mandatory then click 'Mandatory' check-box

Step 7 : If you wish to add this field in current Domain/Project, click 'Associated with current domain' check-box, otherwise the created Lookup List will not be available for the current domain.

Step 8 : select the Modules where you wish to associate this field from drop down.

Step 9 :  Simply click 'save' button, it should give you 'User Defined Field created successfully' message.

Please check below step by step screenshots:



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