How to "Delete" a Test Case?

Warning: When a test case is deleted its complete history is deleted- including any executions against the test case.  If you do not wish to delete the history then the best solution is to just remove the test case from any active cycles.  When a test case is not part of a cycle it will not be shown.  We also recommend using an "Archive" state for test cases that you no longer want to find in search results.  Change the state to Archived and then filter out all Archived test cases in the grid or in searches.

"Delete" a Test Case



  • The mandatory thing to delete a test case is, you should be on "Domain Level".
  • You will fail to delete test case on Cycle level as the option will Grayed out or we can say it does not allow you to delete.
  • For deleting a test case you must select the test case that you want to delete.
  • For multiple test case you should select as many number of test cases you want to delete and click on Delete option




  • In test case module > Left panel (Tree structure view) in the Options tab we have one functionality called "Show all assets".
  • Enabling this options shows all the test cases from the respective folder.
  • You can select the test case which you want to delete directly by right clicking on it.


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