How to import Requirement from Excel sheet?

Requirements can be imported at any level, Domain, Release or Cycle.

Access Detail :

  1.     User should have access to Project/Domain in which he/she wants to import Requirement.
  2.     The User's Role should have access to "Import" Requirement.

Using "Import" button on Requirement Module :

Go to Requirement Module >> "Import" >> "Import from XLS"


Click on "Browse" and select a valid csv or xls file
Select the file in the "Select XLS Sheet" box and the "Sheet Fields" box will be filled with the header row >> Click "Next"

Map the "Sheet Fields" with the "QMetry Fields" by selecting one row from each box and clicking on "Map" button.
Do the above steps for all the necessary fields which needs to be mapped along with the mandatory fields of QMetry highlighted with Red >> Click "Next".

Select the scope level and folder where the requirements needs to be imported >> Click "Finish"

Click on "Refresh" and the imported requirements can be seen.


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