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How to customize screen layout in QMetry 6?

To change Layout in QMetry go to 'Admin Module' -> Click on 'Layout Management' -> Select the module ->  click 'Edit' from Action column for appropriate view/form -> Change the layout as required and click on Update to Save the Layout.

How to create a UDF/Custom field in QMetry?

To create a custom field in QMetry go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Manage Fields' option -> select Module and click 'Add Field' - > Select type of field and click 'Next' button -> Enter the Field Details and click Save to Save the Field. You can map newly created field with external tracker field by clicking 'Save and Map' button.

How to manage email notification in QMetry?

In QMetry 6, by default Testcase/Requirement designer and owner will  get notification email; however admin can also setup notification settings for other QMetry users too. You can manage the notification settings in QMetry, go to 'Admin Module' -> Click on 'Manage Notification'. It will show all the notifications available in QMetry. Click on 'Edit' to manage the notification setting.

How to create Project/Release/Cycle in QMetry?

Project - Go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Domain' -> click to 'Add Domain' to add domain in QMetry.

Release - Go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Release' -> Select a 'Domain' where you want to add release -> click on 'Add Release'.

Cycle -  Go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Cycle' -> Select 'Domain' & 'Release' where you want to add cycle -> click on 'Add Cycle'.

How to create a new report from query?

Here is help on how to create a new report from query :

Here is help on generating and editing report:

Where is the help for Reports ?

List of Reports :

How to assign roles in QMetry?

To assign a role in QMetry 6; go to 'Admin Module' -> Click to 'Manage Users' -> Select users from the users list and click on 'Map Role(s)' -> select appropriate role for the project.

How to edit an existing role in QMetry 6?

To Edit existing Role in QMetry, Go to 'Admin Module' -> 'Manage Roles' -> Click to 'Edit' button to edit existing role in QMetry from the list of available roles.


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