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How to change the scope in QMetry 6?

For changing the scope in QMetry 6, click 'Change' button on top panel of QMetry -> Select Scope from 'Select Scope' window. Testers would only view the list of Projects they have access to.

How to increase pagination settings in QMetry 6?

Individual Testers : To change the pagination settings in QMetry, go to 'Admin Module' -> Click on 'Profile' button from User Setting section -> change the value of 'Records Initially Loaded' value to change the number of records loaded on a single page.

System Admin : Admin should set maximum page limit at Admin -> General Settings -> Paging 

How to execute a Test Suite in QMetry 6?

To execute a testcase in QMetry go to 'Testsuite Module' -> Click to Open the testsuite -> Click on Execute -> Select your platform which will open the execution window.

How to create a defect from execution screen in QMetry?

To create a Defect from Execution screen go to 'Testsuite Module' -> go to the execution screen of a testsuite -> Click on Defect icon from Issue Tracker section -> Click 'Add Issue' to create new issue from 'Link testcases Issues' window.

How to save a view in QMetry?

'Save View' allow the user to Save current view in QMetry. To Save a view in QMetry go to module of which you want to Save a view -> Click on 'Default' and then click on 'Save Current View as' option. Give a view name and click Save to save the current View in QMetry.

Where is help guide in QMetry?

If you feel any difficulty using QMetry product, you can take help of our QMetry help guide. Click on 'help' from QMetry Home screen which will open another window with search bar. Type help subject and click on Search to search to the available help guide in QMetry. Here is the links : hel

Where is the API help documentation?

API Help :

API Document in PDF :

Where is the Selenium-QMetry integration help documentation?

Selenium-QMetry Integration:

Where is the help for Reports ?

List of Reports :

How to register a defect or feedback in QMetry 6 ?

To register a defect in QMetry click on 'Feedback' button from top panel of QMetry -> click on 'Defect' or 'Feedback' -> Fill the requested information and click 'Submit' button.


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