FAQs for QMetry Admins

How to create a new user ?

For creating new user in a QMetry 6 go to Admin Module -> Click on 'Manage Users' -> click on 'Add Users' button to add the new user in QMetry.

How to edit role of existing user ?

To edit the role of existing user in QMetry, go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Manage Users' -> click 'Edit' for selected user to open Update User window -> Click 'Assign Roles' button to update/change the role for selected user

How to deactivate or delete user ?

To deactivate or delete user in QMetry 6, go to 'Admin Module' -> click 'Manage Users' button -> click small icon from Active column for selected user to deactivate the user -> After deactivating the user small red circle will appear. Click on it to delete the user.

How can admin update a user password?

To update the Testers password, go to 'Admin Module' -> click on 'Manage Users' button -> select user and click on 'Edit' button from Action column of a window -> click on 'Update Password' button to update the password for selected user

How to assign roles?

To assign a role in QMetry 6; go to 'Admin Module' -> Click to 'Manage Users' -> Select users from the users list and click on 'Map Role(s)' -> select appropriate role for the project.

How to edit an existing role?

To Edit existing Role in QMetry, Go to 'Admin Module' -> 'Manage Roles' -> Click to 'Edit' button to edit existing role in QMetry from the list of available roles.

How to increase pagination settings ?

Individual Testers : To change the pagination settings in QMetry, go to 'Admin Module' -> Click on 'Profile' button from User Setting section -> change the value of 'Records Initially Loaded' value to change the number of records loaded on a single page.

System Admin : Admin should set maximum page limit at Admin -> General Settings -> Paging 

How to create new custom role ?

To create new custom Role in QMetry go to 'Admin Module' -> Click on 'Manage Roles' -> click on 'Add User Role'. Fill the Role name and its description. Check the check-boxes to give the Module Permission to newly created Role.

Where do I find my license information ?

QMetry License Details : Homepage >> Right Side (top corner) >> About >> License Details 

License Expiry Details : Homepage >> Right Side (top corner) >> About >> QMetry

How to link integration to requirement, issue and testcase Module?

To link Integration to Requirement, Issue and testcase module in QMetry go to 'Manage Integration' -> select 'Configure Integration' from Action column -> select the check-box to link Module with Integration.

Where is the help for Reports ?

List of Reports :

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