QMetry 6.6 - Patch 3 (

Patch # 3)

Release Date: 

  • On Premise - 29th Jan 2016
  • SaaS          - 31st Jan 2016

List of Issues fixed in Patch 

  • Fixed bug that created a new version of Testcase when attachments were unlinked and the option of "not" creating a new version was selected. 
  • Fixed bug that displayed "Uncovered" twice in the status column on the list grids. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented Cloning of Domains when Cloning option is Structure.
  • Fixed bug that prevented export of Testcase Entity Key while exporting Testsuites. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented creation of test case issue links in JIRA, when test cases were linked to requirements from testcase module.
  • Fixed bug that gave "Invalid id" error while unlinking testcase from testsuites using Folder Tree Panel.
  • Fixed bug that prevented link issues from Rally since workspace and project drop down were unavailable.

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