How to Change Timezone of QMetry 6 (For attachment and import date)

For Attachments and Import date in the Scheduler QMetry picks up the date time from the timezone which is set in Glassfish Server. Here is a parameter "-Duser.timezone" which is set in Glassfish console for the timezone which is used by the application.
Please find below steps to go to the Glassfish settings to change the timezone if you are getting a different date time in QMetry:

  • Go to the Glassfish Admin console <http://Server IP or Domain:4848> or <https://Server IP or Domain:4848>
  • Login with Glassfish Admin credentials
  • Go to Configurations > server-config > JVM Settings > JVM Options
  • Click on "Add JVM Option"
  • You will see a parameter -Duser.timezone=UTC, there might be a different timezone or may be the parameter is not present.
  • Please add or modify the parameter to your choice, for example -Duser.timezone=PST
  • To avoid confusion, please set it to the same time zone as your OS server is set.
  • Restart the Glassfish server.
  • Add an attachment  or import test case from XLS and check in the Scheduler and verify the date/time is showing fine or not.
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