QMetry 6.6 (

QMetry 6.6 (

Build Released for OnPrem : Dec 18, 2015  &  SaaS : Dec 20 Dec, 2015


InfoStretch is proud to announce version 6.6 which comes with a few new features and a lot of enhancements and bug fixes for all QMetry users.  If you are a QMetry 5 user and you want to understand the major difference between the two version please read our What’s New in QMetry 6 page.


Added links to assets in search results

When searching for assets (e.g. test cases, requirements, or issues) the ID and the summary will have links to allow the user to open up the asset.  If the asset is not in scope the latest version of the asset will be displayed.  One possible use case is to allow users who are searching for test cases to add to a test suite to open up the found test cases prior to adding them to the test suite.

Added assets links on reports grid

All ID fields in reports are now links that can be used to open up the asset.  The latest version of the asset will be displayed.  One possible use case is to allow users to drill into a report (e.g. when reviewing a test execution report a user can not only see which test cases are failed, but can open up the test case to review in more detail).  Note: due to both technical difficulties and performance concerns the summary is not a link in reports.

Added integration for JIRA 7.1

The implementation was also  improved to allow for future JIRA releases that do not significantly change the API to be supported as they are delivered.

Added User License Agreement for testers who login for the first time
Improved performance of Testcase search

The search performance was dramatically improved and tested against both large numbers of assets and assets with large numbers of custom fields.

Improved auto mapping during import and re-import

Removed some redundant header names of the exported fields to reduce confusion and allow for a faster re-import.

Improved Test case Execution Progress Report

Added both the Testcase and the Testsuite folder paths to the report.  This allows users to filter the report by the folder names.  One possible use case for this is to allow users to organize their test cases and / or test suites into logical groups that can now be used for effectively to filter by in the Test Case Exectution Progress Report.  Note: This enhancement is similar to functionality found in QMetry 5.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that prevented scoping of test cases between domains and gave “folder already exists” error.
Fixed bug that did not preserve the order of test cases when copied across scope.
Fixed bug that prevented add to scope of the testsuite folder & testsuites across cycles in the domain.
Fixed bug that prevented filtration of user defined fields of type “lookup” in Issue Module.
Fixed bug that displayed incorrect folder paths of Testcases and Requirements.
Fixed bug that prevented syncing of issue fields from Bugzilla to QMetry. Sync would occur in every 15 minutes.
Fixed bug that displayed incorrect names of  System Defined Fields after renaming.
Fixed bug that prevented sorting of values in component list alphabetically.


API Changes

Search API for Testcase 

Search API for Testsuites

Search API for Requirement

Search API for Issues

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