Integrate JIRA with QMetry 7


The integrations wizard allows the user to configure a particular external tracker for QMetry Domains and its modules. Let’s see integration with JIRA as an example.

Adding a Tracker/Integration System (e.g. JIRA)

  1. To configure an external tracker with a Domain, click Add Integration on the toolbar.
  2. It opens a window with fields required for configuration.
  3. Mention the following configuration details:
  • Integration Systems: From the drop down list, select the system/tool you want to integrate with QMetry.
  • System Version: Mention the version of the tool that is being integrated. The field value/list is auto-populated for the tool. The versions available to select, are certified with QMetry.
  • Alias: Mention Alias to identify the defect tracker or requirement tracker. The Alias mentioned here will reflect under Domains.
  • URL: Provide URL of the defect tracker you are using (e.g. http://<domain:port>). Set your server domain address with port number (if applicable) in this URL.
  • User Name: Enter “Admin” User Name to log into the defect tracker with.
  • Password: Enter Password to authenticate the login.

4. Click Test to verify.

5. On successful connection with the tool, the system displays a success message.

6. Click Save to save the details.

7. One record is added in the configuration grid pane below.

Save and Configure: Click to directly go to the Configure Integrations screen.

User can Edit and Delete the record by clicking the respective icons on the grid.

Editing Integration Details

  1. Click the Edit icon under the Actions column to edit the integration details for the tracker.
  2. The Updated Integration screen opens with the fields in editable mode on it.
  3. Make required changes and save the details.

Deleting the Integration

Click the Delete icon under the Actions column for the integration record that you want to remove the QMetry integration with.

Process to Refresh Attributes

  1. Once you have configured the integration, click the icon under Actions column to refresh attributes of issue. It syncs field values of external tool with QMetry.
  2. Let the refresh attribute process run before doing any operations like add, edit and import issues. You can know the process status on hovering the mouse over the icon. It is recommended that you click the Refresh icon on the toolbar and then check the status.


Here is a video on how to integrate JIRA with QMetry 6 :
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