How to configure SMTP in QMetry

This configuration is required only for QMetry On-Premise customers. QMetry SaaS Customers would have this setting already configured. 

SMTP Configuration

To configure SMTP server please go to Admin > System Settings > SMTP Settings.

In this page, you have to configure your SMTP server to enable Email notification in QMetry.

SMTP Server: Your SMTP server name.

Username: Username of your SMTP server.

Password: Password of your SMTP server.

User Email: Your email address.

Note: This Email address will be used in case if you ever forget your QMetry admin password, to send the password reset request to this email address is also used to send emails as the “from” address when sending emails to other users

User Name: Any name. This name is used as a “from” name when sending emails to other users using the above email address.

After submitting the above details, please “Test” the connection, if successful, please save the settings by clicking "Save".


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