QMetry Server Maintenance Scheduled on 26th Oct for all QMetry 6.4 Cloud instances on AA888 & AB888.

Maintenance Scheduled by Cloud Service Provider on 26th Oct from 2 AM UTC to 7 AM UTC. This would impact all SaaS customers on AA888 and AB888.


Reason for Maintenance : Downtime for applying Patch for a critical vulnerability fix.



Below is detailed communication from the service provider.



"Recently, a critical vulnerability that affects a portion of our First and Next Generation Cloud Servers fleet has been discovered. To protect the security of your data, we will patch our infrastructure prior to October 29, 2015, when details of the vulnerability will be publicly released. 


To date, we have remediated this vulnerability for a large portion of our fleet using Live Migrate and Live Patching methods. Due to a number of factors, the instances were not able to be Live Migrated or Live Patched and the host on which they reside will need to be rebooted."

Next Step : QMetry support is closely monitoring this activity and would update this thread once the servers are up and running again.  

Update at 5:30 AM UTC:

The QMetry Server are up and running again. 

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