QMetry Maintenance and Support policy

Support Includes
Support Does Not Include
  • Assistance with issues found during installation
  • Guidance with basic configuration issues
  • Guidance with supported integrations
  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues found in the system
  • Assistance with issues found during upgrades
  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement
  • Help with Unsupported Versions of the Software
  • Issues involving installations on unsupported platforms (see minimum requirements section of installation guide)
  • Backup or other maintenance of the OnPrem server(s)
  • Third-party application support
  • Non-English language support
  • Items covered by  Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services Are Available For:

  • Training
  • Migration
  • System & Performance tuning
  • Deployment & Capacity Planning
  • Installation & Upgrade Services

General Statement of InfoStretch’s Responsibilities

InfoStretch shall, in accordance with the procedures and response times set out in this document (a) correct any defect, error, or failure of the Software to conform to the Documentation, any specifications set out in the Documentation, or any other agreed upon specifications (each a “Defect”) and (b) perform the other obligations set out in this document.

Problem Resolution

InfoStretch’s standard problem resolution support shall include email support. InfoStretch shall e-mail assistance to Licensee with respect to use of the Software and Service to resolve Defects at an e-mail address designated by InfoStretch from time-to-time. Support Services will be available 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding any Federal and State of California recognized holidays, a list of which may be obtained from InfoStretch at Licensee’s request.

SaaS Software Update Program

When Updates, Upgrades, and Releases become available, InfoStretch will promptly announce the the same through email and provide a notice on the InfoStretch login page in advance. The Software and Service upgrade will be conducted automatically by InfoStretch.

On-Premise Software Update Program

On-premises Software (aka “on-prem”) refers to when the Software is installed and runs on computers at the premises of the Licensee using the Software, rather than using InfoStretch’s in the cloud SaaS service. When Updates, Upgrades, and Releases become available, InfoStretch will promptly distribute them electronically to Licensee (provided that Licensee is in good standing) along with any associated updated Documentation. InfoStretch shall support each Major Release of the Software, for one (1) year from the date of InfoStretch’s delivery of the same to Licensee. For purposes of the foregoing, a “Major Release” shall mean a release of Software that provides new or additional features and/or functions. Major Releases are designated by InfoStretch as a change in the ones digit of the Software version number [(x).x.x.x]. An Upgrade (a.k.a. “Minor Release”) shall mean an incremental release of the Software that provides maintenance fixes and additional features. Upgrades are designated by InfoStretch as a change in the tenths digit(s) of the Software version number [x.(x).x.x]. Upgrades includes a build number to the right of the tenths digit of the Software version number [x.x.(x).x]. An “Update” (a.k.a. “Patch”) shall mean an incremental release of the Software that provides maintenance fixes. Updates are designated by InfoStretch as a change in the digit(s) to the right of the hundredths digit of the Software version number [x.x.x.(x)].

On-Premise Version Support

To realize maximum value from InfoStretch’s innovation and ongoing enhancements, Licensee should download and install the latest version of the Software. InfoStretch realizes this is not possible in all cases. InfoStretch strives to provide technical compatibility across versions and to give Licensee easy ways to upgrade. InfoStretch provides Support for the most recent major version [(x).x.x.x] for one (1) full year after the Major Release becomes available in order to help provide Licensee with the flexibility needed when business contraints delay upgrading.

Customers who continue to use non-supported versions of the Software can still access the Support Portal to search the knowledge base for frequently asked questions related to the prior release. Customers who submit tickets related to a non-supported version may be required to upgrade to the current release before the issue can be addressed by InfoStretch’s Support Team.

New Feature and Custom Query/Report Requests

InfoStretch is always interested in improving our software. If Licensee has a new feature, query, or report request, please submit it by creating a ticket using the Support Ticket Logging Process. InfoStretch’s Support Team will review the request and inform Licensee if the feature is already on the roadmap, has been added to roadmap, is not yet on the roadmap, or if the request has been denied. If Licensee’s feature request has been added to roadmap, Licensee will be provided a timeline for that feature. If Licensee’s request has been denied, InfoStretch will supply Licensee with a reason why. If Licensee would like to add a non-planned feature onto the roadmap, or move a planned feature ahead of schedule, Licensee may do so through InfoStretch’s Professional Services by paying a Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) fee. The cost of the NRE fee is determined by the development and QA expenses involved on a case by case basis. Considerations will be made based on the disruption to the current schedule as well as the potential benefit of the feature to the general customer base (Note: requests for proprietary new features will also be considered; however, the cost will be increased accordingly). Any suggestions regarding new features or future products or services that Licensee submits will become the property of InfoStretch.

Support Ticket Logging Process

InfoStretch’s Support allows Licensee to log Support issues in three ways:

  1. Feedback Button: The InfoStretch application provides a “Feedback” button on the main toolbar that can be used to create a support ticket directly into the Support Portal. By using the Feedback button, InfoStretch will automatically add instance specific information to help in the reporting of any issue.
  2. Support portal: InfoStretch’s support portal at, allows Licensee to log tickets and view support related FAQ and forums. Licensee cannot log a ticket anonymously. Please follow the following process:
      1. Go to
      2. If you are not logged in, please login. If you do not have a support account, click on sign up at the upper right column of the page.
      3. Once you sign in, you can create a new ticket or review tickets created by you.
  3. Sending an email:   Licensee can also create a ticket by sending an email to The support portal automatically sends an email back to Licensee with the created ticket. Once a ticket is created, please wait for the Support Team to respond to it. The Support Team will typically respond to the ticket in less than 2 hours and in accordance to the Severity Level times documented below.

Defect Severity Levels / Response Times

InfoStretch shall address the Severity Levels set out below in the time periods described below, provided that classification of any problem among Severity Levels shall be in accordance with the definitions specified below which shall be determined in Licensee’s reasonable, good faith discretion. InfoStretch shall ensure that Support is available at least 99.9% of the time measured on a calendar month basis (the “Service Level”), except for: (i) planned downtime for routine maintenance (for which InfoStretch shall give at least 48 hours notice and which InfoStretch shall schedule between midnight and 3am, Eastern time), (ii) emergency maintenance (for which InfoStretch will give as much advance notice as is reasonable under the circumstances), and/or (iii) downtime resulting from causes beyond the reasonable control of InfoStretch that are unforeseeable and unavoidable, including, without limitation, interruption or failure of telecommunication or digital transmission links (items (i)-(iii) collectively, “Downtime”). With respect to the Support described herein, for each hour or fraction thereof in a given month that the Service Level is not met (for the avoidance of doubt, excluding Downtime), Licensee shall receive a credit equal to one (1) day’s worth of fees. In addition, if the Service Level is less than 98% in any given month, or less than 99% in two months in a rolling period of four calendar months, Licensee may terminate the Agreement immediately upon notice to InfoStretch.

Defect Severity Levels

Severity 1 (Urgent – Blocker): The Software is unavailable or performance has degraded to such an extent as to make the Software non-functional. InfoStretch will commit resources to provide a Patch, workaround, fix, or a remedial plan to resolve the issue within the specified Response Time Goals. Severity 2 (High – Critical):  Performance of an important component of the Software has degraded from normal performance or functionality which impacts system operations significantly. InfoStretch will commit resources to provide a Patch, workaround, fix, or a remedial plan to resolve the issue within the specified Response Time Goals. Severity 3 (Medium – Major): There is an issue with the Software causing specific functionality of the Software to be degraded. Although the functionality of the specific component is noticeably impaired, most system operations continue. InfoStretch will commit resources to provide a Patch, workaround, fix, or a remedial plan to resolve the issue within the specified Response Time Goals. Severity 4 (Low – Minor – Trivial): A general usage question, report of a documentation error, or recommendation for a new feature or product improvement with medium-to-no impact on the business or the performance or functionality of the Services or Software.

Response Time Goals

Severity Level

Initial Time to Respond 1

InfoStretch Effort Required for Resolution

Temporary Resolution or Workaround 2

Severity 1(Urgent)

2 Hours

Requires around-the-clock work until there is a Work Around or Call Remedy that satisfies LICENSEE.

Within 1 Business Day

Severity 2 (High)

4 Hours

Requires continued work until there is a Work Around or Call Remedy that satisfies LICENSEE, but the work does not need to be around-the-clock.

Within 2 Business Days

Severity 3 (Medium)

Within 1 Business Day

Requires continued work until there is a Work Around or Call Remedy that satisfies LICENSEE, but the work does not need to be around-the-clock.

Within 5 Business Days

Severity 4 (Low)

Within 1 Business Day

Does not require immediate response.


1 Response Time: The time begins when Licensee contacts InfoStretch to report a Defect during standard operating hours. 2 Temporary Resolution/Workaround: This is the time it takes InfoStretch to apply a temporary fix or workaround to the reported Defect measured from the time at which the initial notification was made (i.e., InfoStretch will provide Licensee with a temporary fix or workaround that solves or by-passes the reported Defect and that can be used by Licensee with minimal impact). The timeline is contingent on the Licensee providing InfoStretch the support needed to verify and replicate the issue, and, when necessary, apply Patches or updates.

Resolution Parameters

It is InfoStretch’s goal to resolve all customers’ reported issues in a timely manner. Actual resolution time is dependent upon several factors including:

  • The nature and complexity of the issue
  • Ability of Licensee to respond to a support query
  • Ability of Licensee to perform any required diagnostic tests in a timely manner as requested by InfoStretch’s Support Team
  • Ability of Licensee to provide detailed technical information when requested
  • Ability of Licensee to provide access, when necessary, to Licensee’s SaaS or On-Premise instance.

Resolution times are not standard for all types of tickets and are subject to change depending on the type and priority of a ticket.

Back-Up Services

InfoStretch shall maintain recovery procedures in the event of loss or corruption of data and perform the following back-up services with respect to all of Licensee’s data stored in connection with Licensee’s use of the Software and Services. InfoStretch will ensure that regular back-up procedures do not impact the performance or the 24/7 availability of the Software and Services.

  • InfoStretch will test and install system upgrades or Software and Services following agreement with Licensee
  • Keep at least one level of rollback to allow undoing any Patch, update, or upgrade deployed by InfoStretch
  • Full Backups Performed Nightly
  • Offsite Backups shall be performed weekly
  • Backups retained for one week

Maintenance Windows

InfoStretch shall establish maintenance windows during which time InfoStretch may take down the network to conduct routine maintenance checks. If the network will be down for more than fifteen (15) minutes within this window, InfoStretch shall so advise Licensee prior to any scheduled maintenance. InfoStretch may change its maintenance window upon 5 days written notice to Licensee. InfoStretch must consult with Licensee in advance of any changes to the network or Software or Services in order to ensure continuous compatibility with the Licensee’s operating environment. Scheduled maintenance windows shall be timed to coincide with times of minimal traffic for Licensee. InfoStretch shall take into account the global timing of Licensee’s usage patterns to determine times of minimal traffic, and Licensee may, at its discretion, designate a reasonable range of hours for maintenance windows. InfoStretch reserves the right to schedule Down Time (an unscheduled maintenance window) at any time of the day with up to zero notice if InfoStretch reasonably determines that a failure to act immediately would lead to harm to either InfoStretch or Licensee.

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