Access QMetry outside of the virtual machine

01. Open VMWare Terminal in which you have QMetry installed on it. 
02. Execute 'ifconfig' command(Refer the attached "SS1.jpg" file, FYI). This command will display the IP Address of VM.
03. Go to Virtual Machine --> Virtual Machine Settings --> Select 'Network Adapter'. Verify that "NAT: Used to share the host's IP address" under 'Network Connection' section is selected(Refer the attached "SS2.jpg" file, FYI). 
04. Select "Bridged: Connected directly to the physical network" under 'Network Connection' section instead of the one selected at Pt. 03(Refer the attached "SS3.jpg" file, FYI) and Click 'Save' button. 
05. Execute the following command on the terminal(Refer the attached "SS4.jpg" file, FYI). 
# service network restart 
06. Once again execute 'ifconfig' command on the terminal(Refer the attached "SS5.jpg" file, FYI). This command will now display the IP Address of your local network

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    Kamstrup Users

    This guide is for Linux server. Is this only relevant if QMetry is running on a Linux server, or should something similar be done on the virtual windows servers ?

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    You have to follow these instructions only if you run into issue of not being able to access QMetry outside of virtual machine.

    This happens rarely and we have seen this issue only occurring with Linux server so we have only provided the instructions for Linux VM.

    However if you are using Windows machine and are facing this issue, please create a new ticket at our support portal with your issue details.

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