QMetry 7.5.1 - (On-Premise : 8-Nov-2017)

QMetry 7.5.1 Introduction

Version : 7.5.1, Released for On Premise : Nov 8, 2017

QMetry is proud to announce the latest release for QMetry Test Management - v7.5 for all it's customers. The new release focuses on important security updates and performance improvements.

Security Enhancements 

Support for SAML 

  • Added support for SAML Authentication through Okta and Ping Identity (Ping One).

Improved Audit Trails

  • Enabled audit trail for tracking movement of Test cases between folders.
  • Enabled audit trail of folders.
  • Fixed bug that did not record audit activity for few testcase fields.

Performance Improvements

  • Bulk edit of Test Cases & Requirements
  • Faster execution of Testcases and status calculation.
  • Quicker Import / Export of Test Assets via Excel.
  • Optimized Domain Clone
  • Faster and Secure addition of new users.
  • Improved syncing of JIRA issues to QMetry - Combined multiple requests to JIRA. 
  • Add to scope of test assets would be a background operation. Users will be notified through an email once the operation is completed.

General Improvements

New Reports

  • Added new report 'Global search for Test case, Test suite and Platform' to search the entities across domains.
  • Add new report "Folders Audit Trail" and "Folder Audit trail for Assigned Projects".
  • Added ability to open and save a Test case in HTML format for print.

Improved Execution

  • Added option to mark test executions as Manual or Automation on execution screen.
  • Added column for entity key on the children section of Parent Test case.
  • Enhanced performance for bulk execution of Test cases through Platform Matrix.
  • Automation execution via Agent would be scheduled as per the user's profile timezone settings.  

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed bug that intermittently gave exception while creating testcases, due to table lock errors.
  • Fixed bug that intermittently gave exception while activating a deactivated user, due to table lock errors.
  • Fixed bug that prevented re-import of Test Cases from excel, if JIRA’s component value already exists in QMetry component list.
  • Fixed bug that prevented testcase to be updated, post bulk operations.
  • Fixed bug that prevented deletion of an archived release.
  • Fixed bug that prevented roles to be saved for report module.
  • Fixed bug that sent incorrect "edited date" in the Testcase email notification.
  • Fixed bug that prevented reordering of testcases in a test suite.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly calculated uncovered testcase status.
  • Fixed bug that reset the focus of testcase step during execution on Testcase execution screen.

REST API Changes

  • There have been changes in the REST API's response structure. Download the latest REST API guide from here. Below are the API's that changed. 
    1. Delete Requirement Folder
    2. Get Testcase Run Id using Testcase id
    3. List Custom List Values
    4. Link Requirement to Issues
    5. Search Testcase
    6. Authentication using Usertoken 
  • Support for usertoken authentication would be deprecated from our upcoming releases therefore we strongly recommend to use apiKey based authentication instead of Usertoken.

Installation & Upgrade Changes

Application server for QMetry is changed to Tomcat from Payara, as Tomcat is the most widely used application server in development community because it is a light weight container which offers better performance, higher security and scalability.

Upgrade Instructions 

If you wish to upgrade to the latest version write us at mentioning your current version. QMetry Support should provide you the upgrade guide and along with downloads. 

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