QAS Release 1.0.14

Date : 3rd- Nov-2017


  • Java: Jdk 1.8 or above

New Features

With rapidly changing agile and fast pace development, Automation is no longer a Nice To Have. As much as its required, it comes with a cost, you have to spend time coding automation. And that arises the need of automating the automation coding. QMetry leads the continuous testing market by enabling Engineers to generate Human Friendly, maintainable automation scripts while performing exploratory testing.

In the testing pyramid, Automated Unit testing is followed by next big thing, API testing primarily used for integration and functional testing.

Web Service Studio

  • Added capability for Web Service Recording via QMetry Web Service Studio, a part of QMetry Automation Studio.
  • Use Web Service Recording to record API calls from browsers or mobile devices.

Enhanced Reporting

Get insights into your automation via enhanced reporting functionality.

  • Simple, yet informative reports that let you drill down in details.
  • Directly log defects from failures and capture details of test case, test-steps, attachments, exception details & their execution status.

Enhanced Web Recording

  • Added support to export recorded session in BDD format.
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