QMetry 7.4 - Patch 5 ( - 15-Sep-2017 - On-Premise

Release Date: 15 Sep 2017  (On-Premise -

List of Issues fixed in build (Patch 5)


  • Enabled audit trail for tracking movement of Testcases between folders.
  • Enabled audit trail for folders. Added new report "Folders Audit Trail" and "Folder Audit trail for Assigned Projects".
  • Added new report 'Global search for Test case, Test suite and Platform' to search the entities across domains.
  • Added option to mark test executions as Manual or Automation on execution screen.
  • Added column for entity key on the children section of Parent Testcase.
  • Add to Scope will be a background process. Users will be notified through an email once the operation is completed.
  • Added ability to print and save different versions of testcases as html file with all testcase fields.
  • LDAP users could login, even if the "Member of" attribute is not searchable in LDAP.
  • Improved performance for adding a new user. 
  • Test suite execution report would be exported in more readable format. The column width for Descriptions and Step Details are extended up to 100 characters. 

Upgrade Steps

If you wish to upgrade to latest patch write us at mentioning your current version and QMetry Support should provide you the upgrade guide. Note : QMetry patches are cumulative which means they contain all the previous patches within a release. Thus you do not need to install the previous patches first; however, you must be using the latest Minor release of QMetry (e.g. if you are using v7.3 then upgrade to v7.4 before applying a v7.4 patch).

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