Status Management in QMetry



The status of a test case on the execution page is based on the run weightage of it’s test steps.  And the aggregate status of test cases and requirements is determined by the status of all associated test runs.

The run weightage is determined by the Status Priority.  The default status priorities are:

  1. Blocked
  2. Failed
  3. Not Run
  4. Passed
  5. Not Applicable
  6. Uncovered

Here, the status “Blocked” is weighed higher than any other status. It means this status will get priority over other status in the process of calculating cumulative / aggregate status of an entity/folder.

In addition the Enterprise Edition of QMetry allows organizations to add new status levels.  Admins can can change the priorities in Execution Status Management (Admin > Domain Management and Settings > Execution > Status Management).



The Test Case which has "Uncovered" status means that the Test Case never been linked to any Test suite or we can say not considered for any of the test suites. As its not been linked to any test suite it does not possess execution history as no execution done for this test case. 

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