Important Notification: QMetry integration with JIRA Cloud

JIRA Cloud is upgrading to Atlassian Accounts

As per the article published on Atlassian Support, all of the JIRA cloud users need to authenticate themselves using email and password instead of username and password.

Impact on QMetry-JIRA Could integration:

QMetry is leveraging JIRA’s REST API for integration for requirements and bugs to achieve real-time bi-directional synchronization. Hence, the credentials used for integration as well as used for import/submit bugs need to be updated with email address instead of username. E.g. if I have setup my integration using “admin”, then I have to update my username with However, the password will still remain the same as you are using for login in JIRA Cloud. Please follow following steps to verify and upgrade your integration credentials.

Step 1: Verify your existing credentials:

Login to QMetry with admin role and navigate to Admin->Integration->Manage


Click on Edit Icon   for your JIRA Cloud instance to verify existing credentials.


Click Test Button  to verify your existing credentials. Please make sure that your password is valid by login in JIRA Cloud from the JIRA site.

If you get “Integration connection successful”   message, your instance is yet not upgraded to Atlassian account yet for REST API.


If you get “Invalid Integration System credentials”  message, go to next step.

Step 2: Update your credentials

Modify your login details for JIRA integrations with same details as you use for login in JIRA Cloud instance using email address and password.


Click “Test”  button to verify your credentials. You should get “Integration connection successful”  message.

Step 3: Save credentials and update attributes

Click “Save”  button and do refresh attribute   from Manage Integrations list. 

Step 4: Inform users to update their credentials

Users can update their credentials from their Profile , Under “User Profile Details” section.

Click on “Saved Integrations”   and use Email and Password for authentication on JIRA Cloud.


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