Unable to see certain assets/Issue Types, getting errors while creating Test assets


  • Errors while creating Test Assets like Test Cases or add test cases from stories.
  • Unable to see/link Test Scenarios, Action Steps under Stories.
  • Issue Types not associated with Projects.



We have upgraded QMetry Test Management for JIRA to latest version 1.6 on 10th June. With the new Release below are some important change to the Test Assets - 

• “Action Step” is renamed as “Test Case”
• “Step Units” are renamed as “Test Steps”
• Moreover, Test Cases can be directly associated with a Story, even without a Test Scenario.

You can also refer to the complete Release Notes of version 1.6 for additional information about this Release.

How to ensure everything works ?

  • Perform a re-index of on your QMetry Projects. This would not be a JIRA re-index and is a one-time Activity.
  • Go to: QMetry > Configuration > Advance Settings > Re-Index (Keep the Time frame as default : Past Month)



Performing this step would ensure that the above changes in the upgrade are reflected properly in all your JIRA Projects making use of the QMetry add-on.


If you still face any issues or need any assistance, please send an email to QMetry Support at



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