[Solved]: ObjectSpy fails to start


QAS's Object Spy fails to start when trying to connect to an Android device via Appium.

Cause of the Issue: 

Earlier the Appium UI allowed users to automatically set the capabilities like 'appPackage' and 'appActivity', however this has changed with the new version. 

As we had not incorporated these changes in QAS Versions lower than 1.0.12, the older QAS versions still expected Appium server to be started with 'appPackage' and 'appActivity' capabilities set which did not allow the Object Spy to start successfully.


This problem has been addressed in the QAS Release 1.0.12. Here is how you can update to the latest version - 

  1. Go to QAS, Help > Check for Updates.
  2. Under 'Available Updates', make sure QMetry Automation Studio version 1.0.12 is selected, and run through Finish.

Changes required with the new version:

  • Go to QAS Object Spy for Android
  • Select Type as "Appium"
  • You will see 2 new configuration parameters for Appium : appPackage and appActivity.


Once both the parameters are set, the ObjectSpy starts without any issues.


For any other issues, please send out an email to QMetry Support -

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