QAS Release: 1.0.12-RC1

Date : 09-May-2017


  • Java: Jdk 1.8 or above


New Features:

  • Cookie Support in Web Service Studio
  • Content type data display in response(i.e. image,json,html etc...)
  • Dynamic data set provider for request parameters( XML,JSON,User defined)
  • User defined data set provider for request parameters
  • Swagger .json type support to be imported to WSC

Bug Fixes:

  • Illegal Repetition error if StringTestStep contains $ in args and getCodeSnippet called
  • White Space before or after of key or value pair creating issue in submitting request
  • In Web Service Studio Form Parameters are not passed properly
  • When saving web service call from Web Service Studio to WSC file body value not stored as String literal
  • Native Object Spy Manually written locator in locator bar changes to generated locator in case of successful object identification

Known Issues:

  • None
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