QAS Release: 1.0.11

Release 1.0.11

Date : 31-Mar-2017


  • Java: Jdk 1.8 or above
  • Selenium: 2.41 or above


New Features:

  • Support of Design and Source view for .properties, .loc and .wsc files
  • iFrame support for web object spy for evaluating and recording
  • Gradle build tool support while creating new project
  • Web service repository editor
    • Self descriptive requests for various method types(i.e. GET ,PUT,POST,DELETE)
    • Filter panel
    • Insert/remove of web service request
    • populate request details to UI from web service editor
  • web service client
    • Method Types, Base URL , Endpoint , Execute, stop and save support
    • Views - Header , Request , Respone ,Query Params, Form Params, Body
    • Response - browser view, JSON, Table view
    • Multi window tab support
    • Duplicate tab support
    • Boundary conditions , Assertion and storeto for response
    • Save request into web service editor
  • Authentication support - Basic and Digest
  • Save web service request into bdd and java editor
  • Record response assertion,boundry conditions and storeto steps into bdd and java
  • Web service based inbuilt steps support
    • Content assist
    • Test Step viewer
  • Web service repository wizard
    • WADL file
    • RAML file
    • YAML OR YML file

Bug Fixes:


  • Quick fix for non exist locators not showing quick fix suggestion after saving test page
  • QAS gets hang while copy paste at big java source file
  • BDD files are unable to open in QAS
  • File moving is not working properly for .loc and .properties file
  • StepBackLog creates steps in multiple project when package name is same
  • Unable to select data driven file through Browse button
  • In Object Spy for Auto record of Click event is not working properly when recording is ON
  • Web object spy recored locator key should be proper without multiple dots(..)
  • unable to delete locator/wsc file
  • Web object spy unable to record command from custom drop down
  • .loc and .wsc file does not show data until it user reopen it
  • QAS Property Editor should not display unnecessary column
  • Web Object Spy Ctrl + Click actually clicks on button
  • Run Config refresh button shows error while refreshing data
  • Recording from frame not create frame column in locator file

Known Issues:


  • Sometimes web object spy does not record sendKeys after clear content of element
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