QAS Release: 1.0.10 RC1

Release 1.0.10 RC1

Date : 06-Jan-2017

Software Requirements

  • Java: JDK 1.8 or above
  • Selenium: 2.41 or above

New Features:

  • Synchronize locator repository with existing test page
  • Test page with warning/message for locators not exist at locator repository
  • Selenium 3.0 and gecko driver support
  • Maintenance mode(debug As) support for modified locators at run time
  • Integration with QTM4J and push back results
  • Quick fix for step call update in bdd for matching step definition
  • Mobile Object Spy - Android , iOS
    • Record and Play support- Direct click, swipe, long press support

Bug Fixes:

  • Mobile Object Spy not point to correct element
  • ObjectSpy with Remote option Marionette Driver not working

Known Issues:

  • Cancel button click on "browser" pop up window not working in start browser session progress bar
  • Locator containing special characters are not validated in object spy

To update your installation to the latest version, please refer the link for Updating to the latest version

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