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Here is the official link to Release Note 7.2, below is a quick summary for the Release 7.2.


Version :, Released for OnPrem : Dec 30, 2016; SaaS : Dec 31, 2016 InfoStretch is proud to announce version 7.2 which comes with fantastic new features, a lot of enhancements, and some bug fixes for all QMetryTest Manager (QTM) users.

New Features

Added Extended View that loads faster than Default Views.

Added Extended Views that load quickly and are optimized for a screen width of 1280 so that testers can pick from a variety of optimized high quality views when loading the grid.

  • I am an Admin of QTM and I want the grids to load as fast as possible (asap) so that my users can navigate the assets quickly.
  • I am a new user of QTM and I want to be able to read all of the column headers when the screen is loaded so that I know what I am looking at

Added ability to export data from Reports.

Added scope details in Issue Module Grid

  • As a QA Manager I want to filter issues that are raised for a particular Release and Cycles.


  • Test suiteTest case view will display External Issue Id’s in the Existing issue column.
  • Platform name is visible upto 20 characters on Platform matrix screen.
  • Added entity key ids for Requirement, Test case and Test suites in export of Coverage status report for all modules.
  • Added an option that allows testers to enable/disable sending of email notifications for bulk assignment on execution screen.
  • Added settings on user profile to show/hide close button for Test case and Test suite modules.
  • Added Logout Date, Logout Time, Total Online time is added to Login-Logout detail reports.
  • Added support for upcoming release of JIRA 7.3.
  • Added ability to sort “Online for” column in “Manage Users” window.

Bug Fixes

This list includes list of all the bugs that are fixed between Release 7.1 and 7.2

  • Fixed bug that failed Assign Tester operation on Execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that did not filter and sort Existing Issue column on Test suite Test case view.
  • Fixed bug that showed half arrow for Status column execution screen for Test Case Step.
  • Fixed bug that prevented hiding of ‘Execution Time’ and ‘Remaining Time’ columns while creating a view on Test Suite grid.
  • Fixed bug that asked to Change Password for a LDAP user.
  • Fixed bug that did not reset “Online for” time if logged in after session timeout.
  • Fixed bug that did not collapse test case properly after entering the comments and actual time on execution screen
  • Fixed bug that prevented loading of Test suites in Test suite – List View.
  • Fixed bug that prevented loading of Test suites while copying from Scope.
  • Fixed bug that sent Issue Assignment email incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug that sent incorrect reset password link when QMetry URL is “https” protected.
  • Fixed bug that prevented update of Test case when accessed from Test suite.
  • Fixed bug that prevented testers to login if there is trailing space in the login id.
  • Fixed bug that blanked out issues from “Existing Issue” column on “Test case View”
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving of valid time duration range in “Site Maintenance Administration” window.
  • Fixed bug that displayed sync status for Test case even there is no parent associated with it.
  • Fixed bug that gave system exception if QMetry – Jira field mapping is incorrect.
  • Fixed bug that did not display Execution Start and End time on Test Execution Report.
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