How can I implement dynamic page flow using page hierarchy design?

Consider the following case where page flow is configurable in AUT. 

  • According to flow suppose, one page flow is Review Page -> Passenger Page – > Payment Page
  • Another possible flow is Review Page -> Payment Page.

Blow sample shows you the implementation for such case.

public class ReviewFlightPage extends WebDriverBaseTestPage<ReviewPage>

implements PaymentLocators, PaymentsPageLauncher {


public class PassengerPage extendsWebDriverBaseTestPage<ReviewFlightPage>

 implementsPaymentLocators, PaymentsPageLauncher {



public class PaymentPage extendsWebDriverBaseTestPage<PaymentsPageLauncher>


protecte void initParent() {

this.parent= (pageProps.getInt(“”) == 6)

? new ReviewFlightPage()

: new PassengerPage();



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